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Foods That damage The Teeth

It is a known fact amongst Dentists, that the condition of our teeth reflect our diet. Various foods and drinks can cause tooth decay (dental…

Importance of Regular Check-up And Clean

The Gentle And Caring Approach To Maintaining Good Oral Health At Gentle and Caring Dentistry, we pride ourselves on the check - up and clean…

Fluoride Treatments For Added Protection

What is fluoride and how can these treatments benefit you? Fluoride is a naturally - occurring mineral that helps strengthen & harden tooth enamel and…

Teeth Grinding / Clenching ( Bruxism)

Grinding teeth is a known occurrence amongst a number of people. Teeth grinding and Jaw clenching is known as Bruxism. Most people who clench and…

Feeling anxious or nervous about dental treatment?

Ask us about Nitrous Oxide (N2O) sedation. If you are feeling anxious or nervous about your dental treatment, we can offer you Nitrous Oxide sedation…

Dry Mouth

Many people experience a condition called "Dry Mouth". This occurs when you feel as though you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth. The discomfort…

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment ?

If you have been experiencing problems with a tooth you may wonder “Do I need a Root Canal treatment?” Root canal treatment, also known as…

Remineralizing Your Teeth’s Enamel

If you've had issues with your teeth that involve weakening, white spots, or numerous cavities, one of the key causes could be demineralized enamel. In…

7 Common Dental Myths -Tooth or Fiction?

Quite often what we hear is NOT true but we still tend to believe! Often, it becomes so hard to discern from what is fact…

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

We all would love a pearly white smile! But why is it that our teeth can turn yellow, particularly as we age? There are two…

Protect Your Teeth From Stains

Change your tea and coffee habits. A glass of wine with dinner followed by a cup of tea or coffee can make tooth stains more…

Pregnant Women and Dental Visits

It is important to maintain good oral health during pregnancy as well as throughout different life stages. Women are being encouraged to include dentists as…

All About Teeth Whitening


Oral Care for Seniors

Oral health is of utmost importance, especially with growing age. We are blessed with only one set of teeth and its vital for us to…

What We Eat and Dental Health

Our health is the most important thing that we need to look after. That sounds simple enough. Although, when it comes to healthy teeth, it…

What Your Oral Health Routine Should Include To Prevent Gum Disease

Your smile and your mouth represent a lot more about you than you might think. Experts have linked poor oral hygiene and poor oral health…

Seniors Dentist in Maroubra – Tips and Suggestions

Geriatic Dentistry (Dentistry for Seniors) is an important part of our daily routine at Gentle and caring dentistry. Seniors (Patients aged more than 65 years)…

Do you have a toothache? How to know when you need a filling

Generally, we call the dentist when we are experiencing a toothache, but did you know you may need a filling even if you are not…

Three Treatments for a Spring Smile Makeover

As winter finally draws to a close in Australia, many of our iconic coastal cities are beginning to shed their warm layers for bikini’s and…

Scientists finally reveal why people are scared of the dentist

Neuroscientists study brain activity during dental visits to reveal why people are actually scared of visiting the dentist. If you have a fear of visiting…

Why a healthy smile is more important than your kids education

If you’re a parent, there is a good chance you’ve dedicated a large portion of your life to ensuring the well-being of your kids. Most…

What to do in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies can be overwhelming and extremely painful. If you knock out or displace a tooth, or experience a chip or break, act quickly and…

Prevention is Always Better than Treatment

Prevention is the most effective way to maintain your oral health. The aim of preventive dentistry is to avoid the onset of decay, gum diseases,…

Fall in love with your smile this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a globally celebrated holiday that provides people with an opportunity to express feelings of love, affection and friendship. Unfortunately though the holiday…

Patient Testimonials

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Truly a sophisticated, stunning dental practice with a focus on patient comfort with quality care. Dedicated to delivering professional and friendly service. Thanks a million to Dr Roxanne Irani and her team for all the good works.

Lisa Hoang
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Excellent experience, the staff are great and it lives up to its name of gentle and caring. Would recommend to anyone.

Jayden silver
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Great overall experience. My daughter had three visits to address her deep fissures. They always run on time, are friendly, and explain how the process will run and what should be expected. I highly recommend this dental practice, Dr Irani never disappoints.

Rebekah Hanrahan
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Best dentist ever! Professional and considerate. I have been going to Dr Roxanne Irani for many years and the care and high quality of work is so consistent. Absolute 5 star dentist. And a lovely human who truly wants the best for her patient. Couldn’t recommend higher.

Rikke Kronborg
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Before I found Dr Irani I actively avoided going to the dentist. That's now a thing of the past thanks to her great skill and gentleness. I highly recommend her.

Jood C

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