Dental Implants

Is it time to replace your missing teeth with a permanent, stable solution? Dental implants are revolutionising how dentists can treat tooth loss…

Dental implants are one of the most effective ways we can replace missing teeth. At Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Sydney we are proud to provide this treatment to our patients as implants provide a wide range of extensive benefits such as:

  • Completely stable
  • Long lasting
  • Mimic the feel and form of your natural teeth
  • Enables total function of the mouth

What is involved with dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that are biocompatible with your jawbone. These tiny screws are surgically inserted (while you are under sedation) into the site of the tooth loss. The implant is then left to heal over a period of 3-6 months to allow the implant to fuse with the bone, a process called osseointegration. Once this is complete, we are then able to place your prosthetic restoration such as a crown, bridge or dentures.

Are there any risks or complications?

As with any surgical treatment, dental implants do come with associated risks and possible complications. At Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Sydney we will discuss these with you in depth at your consultation so you can make an informed decision prior to treatment. Alternatives to dental implant treatment include conventional removable dentures or bridges.

While dental implant treatment has extensive benefits it is not for everyone…

Generally, if you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth or complete dental arches of teeth, you are suitable for dental implants. However, there are some factors that may exclude or prolong your dental implant treatment. Those who:

  • Do not have adequate amounts of jawbone material
  • Smoke
  • Are prone to gum disease
  • Have diabetes

Dental Implants Sydney, Maroubra

May not be suitable candidates for the dental implant procedure. If you do not have adequate amounts of jawbone for the implants to attach to you may require a bone graft before any implant treatment can be performed. Smoking and gum disease both create real risk of implant failure, so it is important that you stop smoking and have any gum disease treated before commencing implant treatment.

Call us today at Gentle and Caring Dentistry in Sydney on (02) 9349 6668 for further information on dental implants or to book a one-on-one consultation.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Patient Testimonials

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Truly a sophisticated, stunning dental practice with a focus on patient comfort with quality care. Dedicated to delivering professional and friendly service. Thanks a million to Dr Roxanne Irani and her team for all the good works.

Lisa Hoang
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Excellent experience, the staff are great and it lives up to its name of gentle and caring. Would recommend to anyone.

Jayden silver
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Great overall experience. My daughter had three visits to address her deep fissures. They always run on time, are friendly, and explain how the process will run and what should be expected. I highly recommend this dental practice, Dr Irani never disappoints.

Rebekah Hanrahan
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Best dentist ever! Professional and considerate. I have been going to Dr Roxanne Irani for many years and the care and high quality of work is so consistent. Absolute 5 star dentist. And a lovely human who truly wants the best for her patient. Couldn’t recommend higher.

Rikke Kronborg
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Before I found Dr Irani I actively avoided going to the dentist. That's now a thing of the past thanks to her great skill and gentleness. I highly recommend her.

Jood C

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