Importance of Regular Check-up And Clean

The Gentle And Caring Approach To Maintaining Good Oral Health

At Gentle and Caring Dentistry, we pride ourselves on the check – up and clean procedures we offer.

Whether they are for new patients who are attending our clinic for the very first time, or for existing patients who are attending for their six-monthly recall appointment, we make your experience as pleasant as possible, whilst making sure we carry out a thorough and all encompassing Oral examination / dental check -up and clean.

Why is a dental check – up necessary for everyone?

Regular dental check – ups are absolutely essential and necessary to ensure that your teeth, gums, enamel and jaws are in a healthy condition.

It is recommended to get a periodic check – up and clean done routinely once every six months.

It is much easier and less complicated to fix a problem that is detected early rather than allowing it to progress and deteriorate to an advanced stage.

Often preventative strategies can be implemented in order to avoid tooth decay and gum issues from arising in the first place.

Examples are Fissure Sealants and Flouride Treatments

This approach not only maintains good oral health but also ensures that you do not face the prospects of having to lose any teeth, pay large sums for complicated dental surgery etc.

Why is a routine dental clean necessary for everyone?

When you have your teeth cleaned at the dentist, we remove the plaque and tartar that accumulates at the gums as well as below the gum line.

Plaque is the sticky film that forms on the teeth and is filled with bacteria. Tartar is the hard, cement-like structure that forms on the teeth and gums. Once tartar forms, it does not come off with a toothbrush or floss.

Both Plaque-bacteria and Tartar can lead to gingivitis and gum diseases, if allowed to build up,

Hence, their routine removal is essential to maintain optimal mouth health and prevent infections and disease.

What is involved in the examination process?

Firstly, we begin by taking a thorough medical history and take note of any / all medications you may be taking and your current health status. This is extremely important as the health of your teeth and mouth is very much connected to your general health and one can affect the other.

It also allows us to best manage your individual needs.

We also take a thorough dental history and note previous dental treatments performed and any past and current concerns you may have.

Physical examination

The oral examination starts by checking the soft tissues in the mouth.

These include examining all the “pink structures” such as the cheeks, palate, floor of the mouth, and tongue, for any signs of oral infections or pathology.

Digital X – rays

We then examine the current state of your teeth and gums, including all past dental work you may have. This may involve taking Digital X-rays of your teeth and gums. Usually, 2 or more X – rays are needed.

X-rays enable us to see under the gumline, examine the structure of the teeth and assess the condition of any existing fillings and Crown or bridge-work.

They are essential in determining the underlying health of the mouth and spotting any potential disease before it pops up.

Finally we check the jaw area for signs of teeth grinding and Jaw clenching.

Intra – oral camera

Once all this information is gathered, Dr Roxanne Irani then shows you the areas of concern by using an intra – oral camera.

Viewing the image on a screen helps you in clearly seeing and understanding the situation.

We discuss the current situation, and share any potential concerns with you and offer suitable clinical solutions.

Offering a treatment plan

We then give you treatment options and alternatives, and put together a treatment plan for you.

Depending upon the results of the examination, we also discuss diet and health habits, as well as the best oral hygiene routine to implement and any preventative strategies for your individual needs.

After the thorough examination, we commence the cleaning process.

What is involved in having your teeth cleaned?

Removal of plaque and tartar

Having your teeth cleaned by the dentist involves the removal of plaque and tartar, (also known as calculus), as well as stains & external discolouration.

Tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing and requires the use of our ultrasonic equipment to remove.

After tartar removal, the teeth are then polished to remove plaque and stains derived from such things as tea, coffee, smoking, wine and other habits.

Flouride treatment

At the end of the clean, you are given the option of having fluoride applied to your teeth. Fluoride hardens the tooth structure, makes it more resistant to acid attack, and works to desensitise and remineralize the tooth enamel.

The flouride treatment acts as an external shield that protects the teeth.

Oral hygiene and techniques explained

Dr Roxanne Irani then goes through brushing and flossing techniques with you, as your individual needs.

Whilst the tooth fairy may not always be there as you grow up, dental problems can be, and taking care of your teeth and gums is essential.-))

How much time does a thorough check – up and clean procedure take?

A thorough check – up and clean procedure usually takes at least 45 minutes and involves all of the steps that we mentioned in this article.

Dental checkups are essential and the time invested in a regular check – up and clean can protect you from any dental health problems and you can enjoy years of good oral health.

Right from cleaning the mouth to taking care of any potential disease or deficiency, everything is well taken care of, when the check – ups are regular.

We do our best to look after your oral health !

Contact Dr Roxanne Irani for your next checkup and clean appointment.

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Patient Testimonials

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Truly a sophisticated, stunning dental practice with a focus on patient comfort with quality care. Dedicated to delivering professional and friendly service. Thanks a million to Dr Roxanne Irani and her team for all the good works.

Lisa Hoang
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Excellent experience, the staff are great and it lives up to its name of gentle and caring. Would recommend to anyone.

Jayden silver
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Great overall experience. My daughter had three visits to address her deep fissures. They always run on time, are friendly, and explain how the process will run and what should be expected. I highly recommend this dental practice, Dr Irani never disappoints.

Rebekah Hanrahan
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Best dentist ever! Professional and considerate. I have been going to Dr Roxanne Irani for many years and the care and high quality of work is so consistent. Absolute 5 star dentist. And a lovely human who truly wants the best for her patient. Couldn’t recommend higher.

Rikke Kronborg
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Before I found Dr Irani I actively avoided going to the dentist. That's now a thing of the past thanks to her great skill and gentleness. I highly recommend her.

Jood C

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